About Sara and True Self

Marketing and Sales weren’t for me. Well, not the type of marketing sales that we all typically think of when we hear the word. My paradigm of marketing and sales was about the Man or Woman that comes in to your office without an appointment, laughs and jokes, attempts to make a sale, and then is gone.  For brief moments I felt like I made a new friend, and then I never heard from them again.  When my Chiropractor asked me if I wanted to be his Practice Representative, I laughed, and thought, “nope, nada, not this girl”. I attempted to skip the interview I graciously agreed to, ended up going to only half of it when he called me and asked me if I was coming because I had to get back to my actual job. I left thinking, “There were at least 12 other people there interviewing, they are going to find the right person, whew!”

Then I was offered the position!

Let me first share with you this: In my first three months, we grew very quickly and it became evident we needed to hire a second doctor. We went from averaging 8-10 new patients a month before I started to averaging 40-50 new patients a month.  Three months later, we hired another doctor as we continued to grow! We initiated an entire remodel of the office to keep up with the growth and quickly went from 5 staff to 13 in 1 year! There are now four doctors working in this Practice and a full team! If they can do this, so can YOU! I can help you do this, support and encourage your team and help your practice grow. I’m confident in that. I’ve learned some valuable tools to making growth inevitable.

I was tired with the same old sales pitch. 

How did this even happen?

I had many experiences with Marketing and Sales Representatives that were only out for one thing. They wanted me to buy what they were selling. They put on a front, made me feel like we were friends, gained their commission from my sale and were done. I was so tired of the same old sales pitch and self serving model. It truly made me sick.

When I went home and talked to my husband, after Dr. Mike offered me the position, and explained why I thought the whole thing was crazy, he thought I was crazy for NOT considering it. His perception was completely different. He shaped the position into a framework of passion for health and wellness that I had been Ionging for. It was everything I had been working hard to share with others in my current position but wasn’t getting anywhere.  Here was a place that was willing to pay me to do what I was already doing!!! Here was an opportunity to do something different. Here was a way to grow by developing true and authentic relationships.

I believed then, and believe even more strongly now that it’s really about COLOR. That people can’t see what he do and why we do it until we paint a better picture. Color develops emotions, with create connections, which build relationships, which create and amazing EXPERIENCE! I figured out a way to show color in a whole new way! Now, I’m ready to share it with everyone!

“I had longing for other options.”

I discovered myself in the process. My True Self. I want to be real, authentic and relational…not fake and only out for numbers. The mission should be to help people and make an impact in the world.

I realized that when you are passionate about something, it beams off you. It becomes a natural part of you.  You don’t have to sell it; all you have to do is share it. The rest happens naturally, and THAT is exactly what I did. I shared my story, and where I came from, and why I’m doing what I’m doing.

Sometimes, we need someone on the outside supporting us through growth and change on the inside.

Sometimes, we need a shoulder, or a confidant. Someone to be there for us, when we have doubt and uncertainties. I knew deep down what I was capable of, and I still do. I just needed someone to remind me that I had it in me, and help me on the right path. The rest followed from there. I get to spend every day doing what makes me happy.

Thank you!